Scott King

Hey hey hey!  Scott King here!  They’ve asked me to put together a profile for the website, so instead of a typical profile, I’ll give you an idea of me from answers to questions.  Ready?  Let’s go! 

How long have you been in the radio business?  Too long to remember.  Let’s put it this way, the songs I’m playing now, I played a lot of them when they were hits the 1st time around. 

What or who is your favorite group or singer?  That depends on what day of the week it is.  But a core group would be Motown stuff – Marvin Gaye, Temptations, Four Tops, etc., Three Dog Night, Chicago, Beach Boys, Pablo Cruise, Sly and The Family Stone.  I also love the 1 hit wonders from the late 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. 

Favorite sports teams?  Green Bay Packers, Chicago Cubs, Milwaukee Bucks and Badger football and basketball.  Overall, I’m a big baseball fan. 

Favorite food?  Sorry vegetarians, I’m a meat eater.  I love a good steak with a nice baked potato.   Love bratwurst and Mexican food as well! 

Favorite color?  Probably blue.

Favorite season?  Summer

Pop, Beer or tea?  Probably pop, but a good cold beer is welcomed too! 

Favorite vacation spot?  I don’t have a favorite spot, but I do like to travel.  I’ve been fortunate to have seen a lot of this country.  I prefer traveling by car as opposed to other ways as you can see more and come and go as you please.  Seen as how I’m a big baseball fan, I like going on baseball road trips.  I’ve been to 18 current major league stadiums and a few that are no longer standing.  For me a great time is a summer day at a ball park. 

What would you like to have done if you weren’t involved in radio?  When I was a kid I wanted to be a disc jockey or a major league baseball player.  I didn’t have the skills to be a major league ball player and some may question my skills on the the first one.   I always thought being a baseball scout would have been a cool job too.  Either way, I’ve always loved music and sports, so I guess I’m right where I need to be. 

Hope that gives you a little insight into me.  Thanks for reading and thanks for listening on the radio! 

Top 5 Songs For Week Of May 25th 1974

  1. The Streak – Ray Stevens
  2. Dancing Machine – Jackson 5
  3. The Entertainer – Marvin Hamlisch
  4. The Show Must Go On – Three Dog Night
  5. Band On The Run – Paul McCartney & Wings

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