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NRG Media Northwoods operates six radio stations: WHDG-FM, WRLO-FM, WRHN-FM, WMQA-FM, WOBT-AM and WLKD-AM.

As the premier country music station in the Northwoods, Hodag Country, WHDG has been serving up the best in current country music programming and on-air talent for over 20 years. With a diverse selection of weekday features and weekend specialty programming, WHDG is the market leader within the Northwoods region.

Classic Rock is very much alive and well on one of the classic stations in the Northwoods…. Rock 105.3 WRLO. As a widely known and respected station in the Northwoods region for over four decades, WRLO continues to provide listeners with a music and entertainment experience that competitors strive to imitate. With such staples as the Bob & Tom Show on weekday mornings and Duff Damos in the afternoons, WRLO is the go-to station for the finest rock music and entertainment in the Northwoods.

100.1 Jack FM, WRHN plays the best in popular music from the 80’s, 90’s, and beyond. This station is tremendously popular within the Northwoods region due to it’s commitment to simply “Playing What We Want”.

Kool 95.9 WMQA is the Northwoods radio destination for a wide variety of the greatest hits sourced from a huge library of available songs. Dynamic and upbeat hosts provide a local flavor and timely commentary about events and music history throughout the broadcast day. In addition, WMQA is home to live Lakeland High School basketball and football coverage.

Hodag Legends – WOBT, a call sign that goes back more than six decades, continues it’s legacy in the Northwoods region as Hodag Legends. This station has quickly become a favorite among local residents and visitors alike for it’s eclectic mix of popular classic country hits from well known artists and performers.

The Lake – 1570 WLKD has a long history of serving the Lakeland communities of Woodruff, Hazelhurst, and Minocqua. That tradition continues today with “The Lake”…. the perfect station for relaxing at home, working in the office, or cruising in the car through the beautiful Northwoods region.

WHDG-FM – Hodag Country 97.3
WHDG-FM – Hodag Country 97.3 Public File

WRLO-FM – Rock 105.3 WRLO
WRLO-FM – Rock 105.3 WRLO Public File

WRHN-FM – 100.1 Jack FM
WRHN-FM – 100.1 Jack FM Public File

WMQA-FM – Kool 95.9
WMQA-FM – Kool 95.9 Public File

WOBT-AM – Hodag Legends WOBT
WOBT-AM – Hodag Legends WOBT Public File

WLKD-AM – The Lake-1570 WLKD
WLKD-AM – The Lake-1570 WLKD Public File

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