Fire up your A.M. radios and tune in THE LAKE. Easy to listen to and fun to experience as you take a journey back to the songs you remember but don't really hear that often anymore.

We play the most popular songs from the 50s, 60s and 70s, aimed at the upper end of the Baby Boomer generation in the Lakeland Area. Our station is music-intensive.

  • The Beatles
  • Barbra Streisand
  • Neil Diamond
  • The Carpenters
  • Lionel Richie
  • Frank Sinatra
  • Celine Dion
  • Barry Manilow
  • Carly Simon
  • Michael Buble
  • Diana Krall
  • Dionne Warwick

Father of the crying Honduran girl says she and her mother weren’t separated

John Moore/Getty Images(RIO GRANDE CITY, Texas) — The father of the young girl from Honduras whose picture has become an iconic image of the immigration battle now says that his daughter and wife were never separated by U.S. authorities.A picture of the little girl crying for her mother was widely circulated and while the photographer…read more »

‘Not knowing anything about my daughter is torture’: Immigrants separated from children at border file lawsuit in federal court

iStock/Thinkstock(RIO GRANDE CITY, Texas) — Three parents who were been separated from their children after they were detained at the U.S. border have filed a lawsuit asking a federal judge to issue an order requiring the federal government to provide access to basic information about their children’s whereabouts and to offer opportunities to see and…read more »

Texas mom breaks down as her 1-year-old hears for the first time

Cook Childrens(AMARILLO, Texas) — A Texas mother burst into tears when she saw her 1-year-old daughter could hear sound for the first time.The little girl was born unable to hear and doctors implanted a hearing device in May, but they did not activate it until this week.Cook Children’s Hospital in Amarillo, Texas, released a video…read more »

‘Dancing doctor’ accused of filming music videos during surgeries says she was being ‘safe,’ patients consented

ABC News(ATLANTA) — A Georgia doctor, whose medical license was suspended after she was accused by patients of recording music videos during surgeries without their consent, says she was “safe” and the patients in her videos had agreed to participate.“The videos were pre-consented, staged, and done at a safe interval,” Dr. Windell Davis-Boutte told ABC…read more »

There’s a new mosquito-borne virus in town, and you may have it

iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) — Another disease to blame on mosquitos, in addition to Zika, dengue, chikungunya? The list of viruses infecting humans through pesky mosquito bites continues to increase: Keystone virus has joined the ranks.What is Keystone virus? It’s from a family of viruses known as the Bunyaviridae group. These viruses have been associated with encephalitis,…read more »