Paul Chryst named new Wisconsin football coach
    Madison native Paul Chryst returned to the city where he grew up, played his college football and eventually served as an assistant coach, before being hired by the University of Wisconsin to take over the head coaching job today. Before spending the last three seasons as head coach at Pittsburgh, where he led the Panthers […]
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    Walker does ‘Property Tax Relief Tour’
    Governor Scott Walker touts lower property taxes during appearances in six major Wisconsin cities, including La Crosse, Eau Claire, Wausau, Madison, Milwaukee, and Green Bay. “Overall for a typical homeowner in Wisconsin property taxes are down.” Walker says the typical homeowner will pay $141 less for property taxes than they did in 2010. Also, he explains, […]
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    Wisconsin Supreme Court agrees to hear John Doe challenges
    The state Supreme Court has agreed to take up several cases coming out of a stalled John Doe investigation. Justice have agreed to hear three cases connected with the probe, which was looking into allegations that conservative groups coordinated efforts with Governor Scott Walker’s campaign when he was the target of a recall election. One […]
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    Marshfield man guilty of breaking baby’s arm
    A couple brought their child in to St. Joseph’s Hospital back in September, according to court records. The child had two fractures to his left arm. A doctor told authorities that the baby wasn’t walking, crawling or pulling himself up yet to cause an injury like that. When authorities questioned the parents, the father, Mark […]
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    Wisconsin was 12th highest taxed state in 2012
    Wisconsin’s tax rate held relatively steady, while two of our neighbors saw dramatic increases, in recent years. A study of census tax figures by the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance shows that the state had the 12th highest tax burden in the country in 2012, at 11.4 percent of personal income. Taxpayers Alliance president Todd Berry says […]
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