Weekdays 6-9am

Scott King is a veteran to listeners in the Northwoods.  Scott brings the morning information that Northwoods listeners want to hear.  Scott listens to you and that's why you listen to him.  With a passion for baseball (as you can see with his hat) and a passion for music from "that era" Scott is a wealth of knowledge.   Lots of the Northwoods Greatest hits and plenty of surprises with Scott King in the morning on KOOL 95.9.

JJ McKay
Weekdays 9am-2pm

JJ McKay brightens the workday and gives listeners a charge during their busy day as she talks about everyday life events in a fun, upbeat manner. As an aspiring actress in College, JJ realized that theater would be a rather unstable career, so she went with her second love in the entertaining business -- radio. And we're glad she did. When JJ's not working she enjoys family, friends, sports and spirit-filled activities.


Jay Fox
Weekdays 2pm-7pm

Jay has enjoyed playing the hits for 4 decades now. He is so driven by music and the history of Rock & Roll, he loves to play music trivia with anyone willing to play. (Hint: He knows his stuff!)  Married for 31 years to his lovely bride Regina, their children have grown and gone on to very successful careers themselves.  A volunteer with the fire dept. and rabid baseball fan, his secret goal in life is to visit every ballpark in America to rate how nice the parking lots are. He’s recently been elected Mayor of Rock & Roll Radio by his 27 fans who have never met him but like his voice.  (If they only knew)


Scott O'Brien
Weekdays 7pm-Midnight

Scott literally grew two inches in one day at age 15, when doctors straightened a curve in his spine and took him from 5’11’ to 6’1’.  The extra height and his deep voice helped him land a radio job while only a high school junior.  By 20 he was on the air in Chicago.  Scott is into history and golf, books and movies, and music ranging from Steely Dan to Maroon 5 and Sinatra.  He’d like to see the Broncos in the Super Bowl again and the Cubs win the World Series.  (It’s good to dream big!)